Get Behind Me Now Stay There Episode 58

April 16, 2015

Episode 58
Author Adele Park: 
  Adele Park is an Audie Award–winning writer, producer, and editor at Straight to Audio Productions, LLC. Prior to opening her recording studio, Park spent twenty years working as a TV and radio reporter, news anchor, and on-air personality. Her first audiobook, When Radio and Polygamy Collide … Jitters: A Quirky Little Audiobook, received a 2011 Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association for Multivoiced Performance and landed a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s Do Not Read List.
An Audie Award Finalist for Original Work in 2015

When Assisted Suicide and Cosmetics Collide: Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audiobook by Adele Park takes a lighter look at end-of-life situations. This cosmic comedy has been named as a finalist for a prestigious Audie Award in the Original Work category.

In the eyes of Nadine, a polygamist and serial bride, nudging her husbands into heaven is a testament to love. Even Nancy Neptune, a notorious shock jock, is gobsmacked by Nadine’s so-called “Celestial Send-Offs.” Things go to hell in a hand basket when Nadine offs the wrong guy and is charged with assisted suicide.

Meanwhile, Blue McKenna has problems of her own. A power outage has leveled Blue’s medical marijuana dispensary. Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of a band called the Rectal Surgeons, is fingered as a suspect. As Blue attempts to unmask the inscrutable Sphincter, she develops an incurable crush which makes her question why she grows pot for a living.

Using witty narratives, a cast of nice characters transport listeners to Navel, Utah, a place where voyages to the afterlife are done with God Speed. Cosmic mirth and hilarity abound in Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audiobook.

The full list of narrators includes Garry Morris, Andra Harbold, Lesley Mendenhall, Abby Elvidge, Rhett Guter, Melissa Sandberg, Kent Hayes, Jack de Golia, and Steve Campbell.

Canada's Own Comedian Joe Cawford :
Canada’s Top Notch Entertainer and Comedian Joe Crawford has been entertaining audiences North American Wide for almost 20 years. Joe has appeared on Live with Kelly and Regis and has sang on stage with Regis Philbin at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. In 2007 Joe was the only Canadian in an online comedy competition and placed 3rd out of 256 other contestants from around the world. Joe has been in radio for 10 years. After 3 years in Terrestrial Radio Joe ventured on his own creating The Joe Show. 

This 2014-2015 year is Season 8 of The Joe Show Radio Talk Show. Also, Joe hosts for his 2nd season The Joe Show TV Talk Show. Joe also performs all across North America with his Singing Comedy Shows and impersonations of Elvis, Dolly Parton, Sonny & Cher, Tina Turner and so much more! For more info and to watch The Joe Show 

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