Get Behind Me Now Stay There Episode 69

January 4, 2016

Artist and Author AmarA : 
 Right now, I am doing many things.
I am a scenic designer for 
Ithaca Shakespeare and for Tri-Cities Opera. 
I am an author. AWAKE: A Vampire Tale is out as of Hallowe'en.
I am a constant collaborator with 
artist, photographer, philospher, & belovedest, jk.
We are the artists of our patrons:giving & receiving with them to be able to give & receive with the world.
I do not limit myself:
I am a painter.
I am an actor.
I am a designer. 
I am a writer. 
I am a model. 
I am a musician.
I am a philosopher.

I am constantly deepening my knowledge in each, honing my skills in each, and finding how they interact and how they are unique. Perhaps it diminishes my "sale-ability" that I flit between crafts, living wide to discover depth,but I am not a product to be bought and sold, I am a creator. 
I am an artist, 
The rest is kind of a long story.....

Director Sue Zizza :
Sue is an audio producer, director, writer, and sound designer, and the owner of SueMedia Productions, a full service audio production company.For more than 20 years Sue has produced award winning audio drama for public radio and audiobooks. 
She is an Audie award winning producer of audiobooks, audio drama, radio plays and much more.
Her work has also been honored by The Gabriel’s, The International Festival of New York, The National Federation of Community Broadcasters, and the Communicator Awards. In 2014 she was a two-time Audie Finalist (Audio Drama & Multi-Voice Production) for The Fall of the Kings.In 2013 she won the Audie for Audio Drama for Swordspoint and was a Finalist (Multi-voice Production) for The Privilege of the Sword.In 2012 she was a 3-time Audie Finalist for “The Witches of Lublin” (Distinguished Achievement in Production, Best Original, Best Packaging) which has received numerous others awards including a Gracie (Best Director), a Gabriel, an Earphones Award, A Communicator Award of Distintion, and an International Radio Finalist Award for Audio Drama.  
In 2012, Sue also created the ‘
illuminated style’ of audiobooks for the novel “Swordspoint,” which has received an Earphones Award and is featured as part of Neil Gaiman Presents at 2011 Sue was an Audie Finalist for “William’s Leap For Freedom” and 2010 she was part of the Blackstone team that won an Audie for “The Black Mask.” 2009 saw her receive an Audie Finalist nomination for “Jack’s Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac.”Sue’s sound clients have also included: USA Networks - SciFi Channel, The New Victory Theater – Broadway, USA Productions, Movies for the Ears, and The Museum of TV and Radio – NYC. Additionally from 1996 - 2007 she served as the Executive Director of the National Audio Theatre Festivals – an audio arts training organization.When she’s not producing and directing, Sue specializes in manual SFX (Foley) effects for audio productions, film, television and the stage.  Sue also teaches audio arts and sound production at New York University’s Kanbar Institute for Film and Television at the Tisch School of the Arts.Sue has been a regular presenter at national audio conferences like the Audio Engineering Society (AES) where she demonstrates sound effects recording and performance techniques. This October she will be producing a live performance for AES.
So I ask you, what more could you want? "Get Behind Me, Now Stay There" more fun than ..............................

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