Get Behind Me , Now Stay There Episode 56

March 27, 2015

Adria Tennor 
 Adria Tennor is an actress, writer, producer, director and restaurateur. The grand daughter of Sam Tennor, a song plugger for Irving Berlin, Tennor made her film debut playing a twelve-year old boy in Hal Hartey’s Amateur which premiered in the Directors Fortnight at Cannes. She works regularly in television and film, and is most known for her recurring roles on AMC’s Mad Men as Betty Draper’s frank-talking friend Joyce Darling and the kooky Professor Clarissa Hawn on ABC Family’s late but great Greek. She also appears in Michel Hazanavicius’s Academy Award winning film, The Artist, released by The Weinstein Co. in which she plays John Goodman’s dutiful if not impish assistant. Tennor made her foray into producing with Doug Blake (The Sessions) on Smothered, a film by John Schneider, and then made her directorial debut, with Cracked, starring Talyan Wright & Marguerite Moreau. Her one-woman show, StripSearch, based on her studies in pole dancing with Sheila Kelley at her SFactor Studio also played to rave reviews in Los Angeles for over a year and a half and will soon be published as a memoir. Tennor also owns and operates three restaurants in Los Angeles with her husband, Claudio Blotta – barbrix – named one of LA’s top ten best new restaurants as well as Best Wine Bar by Los Angeles Magazine, – Cooks County – named Best New Restaurant of 2012 by Los Angeles Magazine, and the freshly opened All’Acqua – an Italian spot in Atwater Village.

THRAXXUP: I’m from Chicago, IL originally. I currently live in Clarksville, Tennessee. I moved down south after my mother realized that Chicago was getting bad. She wanted to provide a better environment for me and my family.  I am basically your average joe. I started rapping back in the 5th grade at the lunch table with my friends with pens in their hands hitting beats on the table. I would sing in talent shows, sing Usher, sing in the shower. I fell in love with music. I grew up with music, and I became more in love with lyrics. I also fell in love with the west coast music scene while growing up in the 90’s. Basically I found my first love with music. I want to motivate people through my gift of speaking to a generation of people who want a change. This is my life. I breathe, eat, sleep, and dream music! Rap isn’t a hobby, this is my career and I love what I do. Without music, my heart don’t beat. I want to show the world my side of music. TakeFlight music is cool, calm, and collective. I’m trying to spread my vibe through the world! My songs are about past, present, situations I’m in or the people in my inner circle go thru. My songs tell a piece of me in every aspect from the beat I choose or from the lyrics I spit. Also my songs are about my future goals that I place upon myself or this generation

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