Get Behind Me Now Stay There Episode 62

June 24, 2015

Author Chip Wagar: 
 Chip Wagar is a practicing attorney in New Orleans where he has lived since 1976. He grew up in the Adirondacks region of upstate New York in Glens Falls as the oldest of four children. He attended the Austro-American Institute in Vienna during his college years at the George Washington University where he was graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. At George Washington University and the Austro-American Institute, Chip studied Central and Eastern European politics and history including the Soviet Union.After graduation from college, Chip came to New Orleans to attend Tulane University School of Law from which he was graduated cum laude in 1979. By then, he had developed what proved to be a life-long attachment to the City of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region where he has lived ever since. Chip Wagar has been a civil litigation trial lawyer for over 30 years and now concentrates his practice in medical malpractice and products liability. He lives in New Orleans with his wife, Cheryl Nolan Wagar, and has two adult children, Will and Sarah.

Both The Carpathian Assignment and Chip Wagar’s previous novel, An American in Vienna, take place in the period and location of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, a place he has traveled in and studied for many years.

Check out Chip Wagar’s military history podcast series, Killing Time.  This is for non-military listeners who would like to learn about famous battles and military campaigns that changed the course of history

Actress / Voice Over Artist / Podcaster Chrissy McIntyre  :
You have heard her on " Get Behind Me , Now Stay There " for many years . However when Chrissy isn't busy traveling the world . She is working writing a new radio show, is an accomplished voice over artist with many commercials that you have heard on TV , Radio and more. She is also a wonderful actress who has appeared in many plays in the New England area , New York , and her personnel favorite New #@$%@# Jersey . Yes she is a Jersey girl who just happens to also be our New York correspondent and has done many interviews for our show in addition to seeing many of the plays in and around NYC . We had a lively conversation on the New York Scene and the plays with our east coast take on the new Larry David play . This was such a treat to get to sit down with her and see how the other half lives !!! This is a must listen that is if you dare to laugh your rear end off while being informed all at once.    
So I ask you, what more could you want? "Get Behind Me, Now Stay There" more fun than ............................

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